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AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: (DVD, 90 min.)  Al Gore’s full lenght feature movie about global warming.

BUSH’S BRAIN:  How Did This Happen? (DVD, 80 min.)  Documentary about Karl Rove’s influence on the Bush presidency.  See for more information.

BROTHER OUTSIDER : (1 hr, VHS)  The life of Bayard Rustin, openly gay mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King. (PBS).  Rustin organized the 1963 March on Washington at which King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

DEADLINE: 90 min, DVD) – – – Topic:  Documentary of Illinois Gov. George Ryan’s discovery that 13 people slated for execution were in fact innocent.  Ryan commuted all death sentences in Illinois to “Life in Prison.”

THE EMPTY CHAIR: (42 MIN)  The Death Penalty.  Four stories: Murder victims families confront loss and punishment.

EVE’S DAUGHTERS : (30 min) Eve’s Daughters is a rich and subtle treatment of the lives of five creative, spiritual, lesbian women whose religious communities should covet for leadership.

FARENHEIT 911: (122 min) Michael Moore’s searing examination of the Bush administration’s actions in the wake of 9/11.

THE FOURTH WORLD WAR: (75 min, DVD) The story of men and women in 5 countries who resist globalization.

HOW CAN WE END THIS WAR? (DVD, Length ?)  Global Exchange, March 24, 2005., Institute for Policy Studies  (2 versions, longer and shorter).Series of speakers including Cindy Sheehan (Gold Star Families for Peace), Raul Majan (Author, Full Spectrum Dominance: U.s. Power in Iraq & Beyond), Sean O’Neal (IVAW), Media Benjamin (Code Pink), Aimee Allison (C.O.), Howard Wallas (U.S. Labor Against War), Fernando Suarez (Father of Jesus Suarez, killed by illegal U.S. Cluster bomb), Phyllis Bennis (Institute For Policy Studies), Naomi Klein (“the Nation” magazine), Anas Shallal (Iraqis for Peaceful Alternatives), Celeste Zappala (Gold Star Families for Peace & Military Families Speak Out), Rev. Osagyefo Secou (United For Peace & Justice, and Clergy & Laity Concerned About Iraq).

THE KUCINICH CAMPAIGN: (30 min)  Documentary about Dennis Kucinich’s movement to stand up, speak out and challenge.

NOT IN OUR TOWN: (30 min) Documentary about the residents of Billings, Montana, who responded to an upsurge in hate violence by standing together for a hate-free community.

OPERATION: VETERAN FREEDOM Part I: (DVD  Length: 76 min.)  chronicles the events that led to the first national meeting of veterans and military families who opposed the war in Iraq.  It provides a rare view of the inner battles taht faced these veterans upon their return home from the combat zone.  A series of testimonials from Iraqi veterans.

OUTFOXED: (76 min, DVD)  Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

POISON DUST: (30 min & 60 min versions) Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars talk about the effects of uranium dust and the response of the U.S. Government.

ROMERO: (105 min, DVD & VHS) Raul Julia portrays Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was sensitized to the terrible suffering of Salvador’s poor and became an advocate of social change and justice, leading to his assassination in 1980.  Deep insight into the Central American wars of the 1980s.

SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS: THE NEW PATRIOTS: (18 min VHS)A veteran reviews how the SOA is a terrorist training camp just like the ones we propose to eradicate in the “war on terror”.  US military speak out against the terrorism and exploitation promoted by the US through the SOA.

SCOUTS HONOR: (VHS) Gay rights in the Boy Scouts of America becomes a cause for Eagle Scout Steven Cozza, a straight youth upset by the BSA’s exclusionary policies. He and his dad form “Scouting for All.”

SOA – GUNS AND GREED: (20 min, VHS) An overview of exploitation of the people and resources of other counties for American profit.  Statements from students, labor leaders and church members on the topic.

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: (24 min, VHS) Parents’ journeys to understanding their gay and lesbian children.

THEOLOGIANS UNDER HITLER: (60 Min., DVD)  This film, based upon groundbreaking research, introduces the viewer to three of the greatest Christian scholars of the twentieth century: Paul Althaus, Emanuel Hirsch, and Gerhard Kittel, men who were also outspoken supporters of Hitler and the Nazi party.   In 1933 Althaus spoke of Hitler’s rise as “a gift and miracle of God.”   Hirsch saw 1933 as a “sunrise of divine goodness.”   And Kittel, the editor of the standard reference work on the Jewish background of the New Testament, began working for the Nazis to find a “moral” rationale for the destruction of European Jewry.

THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK: (88 min)  In 1978, Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco city council, becoming the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California. One year later, he and Mayor George Moscone were shot and killed by Milk’s fellow council member, former police officer and fire fighter Dan White.   (available in the public library)

UNCONSTITUTIONAL: (66 min, DVD) The war on civil liberties in the USA post 9/11.

UNCOVERED, THE WAR ON IRAQ: (90 min, DVD) Documentary (Robert Greenwald) chronicles the Bush Administration’s determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001.

WAGING PEACE: (31 min. DVD)  An award-winning video by Barbara Trent on how we can move from here to a different kind of future.

WALMART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES” (97 min. DVD)  Takes you behind the glitz and into the real lives of workers and their families, business owners and their communities, in an extraordinary journey taht will challenge the way you think, feel . . . and shop.

WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION: (98 min, DVD) How the American media was manipulated, and complicit, in the build-up to War in Iraq.