Speakers Bureau

Call the Peace House to schedule a speaker: 405-524-5577.

A modest honorarium (payment) may be asked by individual speakers.

Nathaniel Batchelder

The Peace & Justice Agenda and How to Influence Congress and Legislatures
Batchelder has worked at the Peace House since 1990, involved with many issue groups whose legislative agendas have relied upon effective education and advocacy of elected officials. Batchelder meets each month with numerous issue organizations and is a board member of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches.

Anne Murray
Micro-Credit Lending For Women’s Development in Impoverished Countries
Ms. Murray has traveled in Central America to observe micro-credit lending programs’ astonishing success in improving the earning power of women in challenging circumstances. She is chair of the Social Justice Committee at Oklahoma City’s First Unitarian Church.

Rex Friend

A Quaker Perspective on Spirituality in Peacemaking
Friend is an Oklahoma City attorney whose faith in the goodness in every person has touched judges and juries and made possible some remarkable favorable outcomes in unlikely cases. Friend has served on local and national boards with the AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) that presents peaceful perspectives on many issues. He serves on the board of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches.

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