Peace and Justice Merchandise

Peace House T-shirts, and a great variety of peace and justice buttons, stickers and magnets are available for sale

They also have “War is Not the Answer” yard signs (see below).

Call the Peace House to schedule a visit to select merchandise we have on hand: 405-524-5577.

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Oklahoma City- 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War Demonstration‘War is Not the Answer’ yard signs

The Peace House is an official distributor of the yard signs from the Friends Committee on National Legislation that pronounce that “War is Not the Answer”. Help get this message out by placing a sign in your yard, or any place (considerately and legally of course!) where you want to bring a little more peace and insight. For lots of ideas for using the sign, check out FCNL’s Flickr photo album.

Shown at left: Oklahoma Gold Star father John Scripsick speaks at 2009 Iraq war anniversary.

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