Sadism. Racism. Climate Denial.


WRITER’S NOTE: Ideas and some language drawn from Matthew Fox Meditations, Rev. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign and other sources

Psychologist Erich Fromm identifies sadism as follows: “The core of sadism is the passion to want domination or control over another living being, whether an animal, a man, a woman, or a child.”  And, we might add, the Earth.  Does sadism explain how people can deny climate science despite the universal agreement of the world’s scientists?

This need for control has profound social, political, and personal implications:  the “authoritarian personality” – who is a sadomasochist – exhibits control of those below and submission to those above.  Apparently sadists are good followers as well as bullies.

This all has crucial significance to the destructive political divisiveness in America today, and for this year’s coming elections.

Will America vote to support – or to defeat – those in office who are committed to denying care and compassion for the outcast, the immigrant, those bypassed by economic recovery?  Will we vote to support, or to defeat, those denying the continuing dangers of Coronavirus and the threat of human-caused global warming and climate change?

Pray America will be guided by the better angels of our natures to remove from office those whose sadism is so wounding to humanity’s real needs and to our Mother Earth.

Peace, Love, and Onward,
Nathaniel Batchelder at The Peace House in Oklahoma City