Happy New Year! Weekly vigils for Earth resume in January

Our vigils for Earth are on hiatus until January 6, 2020. However, we will NOT vigil on Monday, Jan. 20, which is Martin Luther King Day (join us for the MLK Holiday Parade in OKC!).

Join us as we all work harder at cutting our carbon footprint and spread awareness about climate change. We gather each Monday at NW corner of N. Penn and NW Expressway for a short vigil, 12:15 to 12:30 pm. Look for our enormous VIGIL for EARTH signs.

If you come:

LOCATION: We gather on the west side of Pennsylvania Ave., across the street from Penn Square Mall, on the grassy lawn by the Verizon Store.

WHAT WE DO: We sing, share readings & personal testimony, wave to traffic, and receive the “Take-Away” of the week, with an Action we can take.

PARKING: Help keep Verizon’s lot free by parking to the west in the Talbots’ lot (or on the north side of Verizon.)

Photo: Dec. 6 vigilers.