Permitless carry stats in US

Take action on “Permitless Gun Carry” legislation

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VETO the “Permitless Gun-Carry” law in Oklahoma, Gov. Stitt

Guns. Guns. Guns.

Oppose the “Permitless Carry” Bill in the Okla. Legislature.

The Okla House just passed HB.2579, allowing anyone over 21, w/o a felony, to carry a gun. HB.2579 now goes to the Senate to be voted on there. If passed there, it goes to Governor Kevin Stitt to be signed into law.

Call your State Senator to vote NO on HB.2579.

Senate Switchboard: 524-0126

Call the Governor’s office to tell Gov. Kevin Stitt

“VETO HB.2579, the permitless carry bill.”
Gov’s Office: 521-2342