The “Ranked Choice Voting” Revolution

Here’s how Ranked Choice Voting works. Instead of voting for one person, you can rank your choices. If your first choice doesn’t win (and no candidate has won a majority right out of the starting gate), your vote is automatically re-assigned to your second choice. That way, your vote is never “wasted” or “thrown away”. And you can’t inadvertently help the candidate you like the least by voting for the candidate you like the most. More about it here.
  • RANKED CHOICE VOTING saves money by providing an “automatic run-off.”
  • RANKED CHOICE VOTING encourages “dark horse” candidates in Primaries, and third Party candidates in General Elections.

Ranked Choice Voting is a critical reform that unleashes the power of our values to give meaning to our votes. Ranked Choice Voting has been gathering steam across the nation, as the American people demand a voting system that moves us forward, instead of paralyzing us with fear.

Maine became the first state to enact it statewide, in November. Cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Cambridge, Massachusetts have been using RCV successfully for years. Benton County, Oregon just became the first county.HELP Massachusetts become the next Ranked Choice Voting state. Allies there are already working tirelessly. Since November, their membership has grown 20-fold as they build out a strong national and local coalition.

Make a contribution here to “Voter Choice Massachusetts” for the next big break-through for this game-changing reform that liberates us to vote for the greater good.

Democracy needs our vision and values to lead the way. And that’s exactly what Ranked Choice Voting accomplishes.

All we need now are the financial resources to power up the next breakthrough. Succeeding in Massachusetts can lead the way for states across America to liberate their votes, break the stranglehold of fear, and reclaim the promise of democracy.

Whatever you can throw into the hat can make the critical difference. In this moment of unprecedented peril and possibility, please make a contribution to changing the political landscape, and building the future we deserve.