Invitation to visit the new ‘Religions United’ blog

The Religions United Committee of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches has started a new blog. It’s called “Religions United.”

OCC’s Executive Director William Tabbernee sent this message out to members and friends:

Dear Friends,

Following the highly successful Interfaith Meal on Sunday, 10/9/16,
I invite you to read, and hopefully participate in, the Religions United

This blog was initiated as a forum for interfaith thought and dialogue
in Oklahoma, providing a platform for various faith communities to
share their stories.

Take a look at the Religions United Blog”

‘Religious United’ is run by Alex Davis, the Interfaith and Social Justice Liaison for OCC. You can contact Alex at

Here’s part of the Introduction Alex wrote for the new blog:

Oklahoma is an incredibly diverse place. Different people of various backgrounds, faiths, and ways of life populate this state from top to bottom. However, sometimes we have to take a step back and open our eyes to see the diversity that is all around us. The busyness of our everyday living makes it hard to appreciate the plurality of ways of life that can be found in Oklahoma. Hopefully this blog will serve as a means of taking that step back and observing the diversity of this state. From Muslim to Jew, Eastern Orthodox to Southern Baptist, Hindu to Buddhist, Oklahoma has it all and more.

My intention in starting this blog is for it to be a collaborative effort incorporating voices from various faith communities in Oklahoma; a place for them to share their stories, to give us a glimpse into what their life is like in this state. My hope is that we as readers will gain understanding, empathy, and compassion for our brothers and sisters of different faiths, and that steps towards tolerance and love will be fostered. I hope this blog will not only help us see and appreciate this diversity and pluralism, but also become a vehicle for seeing the commonality in the faiths of the world: that we are all pilgrims grasping for a greater truth, that we are all called to care for our neighbor, both friend and stranger.

In a time when politicians and pundits seek to divide us, to invoke hate and misunderstanding, this blog will hopefully serve as a way to encourage just the opposite. There is no better time than now to come to a place of unity though diversity, of strength through pluralism. By providing a platform for various faith communities to share their stories, I hope that we will all come to better appreciate diversity and pluralism, and ultimately come to find unity.


And subsequently, Nathaniel Batchelder, Director of the Peace House and member of the OCC board, wrote a post entitled “Prayers for Life” about his passion for addressing climate change:

I believe that God is manifest in all religious traditions and that all religions instruct humanity to be caretakers, stewards of nature, other species, and all life.

Check out — and maybe subscribe to — the blog at