Emily Jovais writes for 350.org about Standing Rock Sioux DAPL Resistance

The View from Standing Rock : Essay & photos from N.Dakota

Emily’s essay includes:

“What You Can Do to Support the Standing Rock Sioux Pipeline Resistance”

1. IF YOU CAN GO:  Go to Standing Rock to show your support and see what’s happening.
Arrive prepared to take care of yourself and to act as an ally.
Here’s a list of 5 things to consider before going to Standing Rock.
2. DONATE: Donate to the legal funds, supply funds, or send donations.
Sacred Stone Camp legal fundsupply fund and Amazon Wishlist
Red Warrior Camp legal fund
3. CALL/WRITE MEDIA:  Send your letter to, or call your local media and ask them to cover this historic moment of resistance and tribal unity.
4. ORGANIZE LOCALLY:  Organize a prayer or ceremony in honor of Standing Rock. This could be by your local water source, mountains, or sacred sites.
4. SIGN: Sign our petition to President Obama calling on him to stop the pipeline, once and for all.
6. DIVEST: Divest from the banks funding the pipeline and write a letter to your own bank if they’re on the list.
7. TAKE ON THE FOSSIL FUEL FIGHT in your community. It’s important to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and it’s also important to honor their fight by standing up for your own water, air, climate and communities. Support Standing Rock by taking action to protect your own respective communities.
8. STAY TUNED: Stay tuned for calls to action and opportunities to join or plan an action in your city.