Mark Davies’ Prophetic Sermon on Climate Change


On June 28, Mark Davies gave a 19-minute sermon, entitled The Church and Climate Change,  summarizing the environmental challenges facing humanity as stewards and students of Creation. You will find the audio recording of the sermon at that link.

I urge all to listen to this — perhaps forward it.

I know Mark Davies.
His commitment to ethics and truth are absolute, in my estimation.
He is a friend of justice & compassion issues.
He is a longtime student and teacher of environmental ethics, in addition to his other scholarly disciplines.
In this sermon, he speaks only for himself, neither for the United Methodist denomination, nor Oklahoma City University.

mark-davies-2013Mark Davies is The Wimberly Professor of Social and Ecological Ethics and Director of the World House Institute for Social and Ecological Responsibility at Oklahoma City University.

From 2009 to 2015, Mark was dean of the Petree College of Arts and Sciences and Wimberly Professor of Social Ethics at Oklahoma City University. Previously, Mark was dean of the Wimberly School of Religion at Oklahoma City University and  Founding Director of the Vivian Wimberly Center for Ethics and Servant Leadership.

Prior to becoming dean of the Wimberly School of Religion in 2002, he was associate dean of the Petree College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma City University and chair of the department of philosophy.

Mark has published in the areas of Boston personalism, process philosophy and ethics, and ecological ethics. Dr. Davies serves on the United Methodist University Senate, which is “an elected body of professionals in higher education created by the General Conference to determine which schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools meet the criteria for listing as institutions affiliated with The United Methodist Church.” He and his wife Kristin live in Edmond, OK, in the United States, and they have two daughters.

He is Chair of the Oklahoma United Methodists Environmental Coalition.

Peace and Onward,
Nathaniel Batchelder