Gigantic Earth Balls Ready for Earth Day — Are YOU? Join Walk for the Earth at OCU

WHEN: Wednesday, April 22  – –  the 46TH EARTH DAY, begun 1970
6:00 pm – Gather for Live Music / Comments
WHERE: NW 24th & Mckinley, Methodist Headquarters


A Walk for Earth planned for Earth Day in Oklahoma City is gaining momentum at local schools, houses of worship, planners report. “Invited are families and friends of nature and all life,” said Nathaniel Batchelder of the Peace House. “The walk will be just over a mile, around and through the campus of Oklahoma City University, designed for people of all ages,” he said. “We are expecting grandparents and baby strollers.”

Executive Director of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches Bill Tabernee said, “The earth is our God-given home and our most precious resource. We must do all we can to protect and care for it responsibly.” OCC is one of a dozen local organizations endorsing and cosponsoring the Earth Day event. Signs and banners of all groups wanting to participate are welcome, Batchelder said. “We will proclaim earth and nature to be essential to our own lives,” he said.

Live music welcoming walkers will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 4-22-15, in the parking lot of the United Methodist headquarters, at NW 24th Street and McKinley, just east of the OCU campus, according to organizers. Brief remarks will follow, by Sierra Club state director Johnson Bridgwater and students from three local universities. “At 6:45 p.m., the walk will begin,” Batchelder said.

Three inflated earth balls will be carried by the walkers, Batchelder said. “The 6-foot earth ball should attract attention,” he said. Two 3-foot earth balls will also be carried. “Everyone is invited to bring their own sign or picture about what they love on earth,” Batchelder said.

Guitarist Bob Cross from Mayflower Congregational Church is one of the musicians beginning to play and sing before 6 p.m. “Our church is a cosponsor and we will lift our voices in celebration of life, love, and hope for the future,” Cross said. Drums, musical instruments, and noise-makers are also welcome,” Cross said. “We will make a joyful noise while we walk.”

Director of OCU’s OIKOS, or World House, Scholars program Joe Meinhart and OCU students are planning the route of the walk. “We teach our students that living in harmony with nature is essential to humanity’s future,” Meinhart said. “There is no ‘Planet B’ we can move to if we mess this one up.” he said. He said Earth Day is a day for special recognition of humanity’s relationship with nature.

Cosponsors of the Earth Walk include The Peace House, Sierra Club of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Conference of Churches, OCU’s World House Scholars, United Methodist Environmental Coalition, Center for Conscience in Action, First Unitarian Church, Edmond Trinity Church, Church of the Open Arms, Joy Mennonite Church, Mayflower Congregational Church, and Citizens Climate Lobby of Norman. More information and sign-up on the national website

Peace Flag Earth Balls 2
Featured Photo: Flag & Small Earth Ball
OSU student Amanda Rauh and Johnson
Bridgwater, State Director Sierra Club of Oklahoma, hold a peace flag and earth ball.
Photo right : Flag & Giant Earth Ball
Nathaniel Batchelder of The Peace House and Johnson
Bridgwater, State Director Sierra Club of Oklahoma hold
a peace flag and two earth balls.