Walk for the Earth on Earth Day

6 pm: Gather at 1501 NW 24th & McKinley
(United Methodist HQ parking lot)… for music, inspiration, and …
Walk through & around OCU CampusEarth Balls to carry and bounce!BRING:

  • Baby Strollers, Kids, Dogs on leashes
  • Posters & Pictures “What I Love on Earth”

Young & Old Families & Children

Sponsors: The Peace House, Sierra Club of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Conference of Churches, OCU World House Scholars, United Methodist Environmental Coalition, Edmond Trinity Church, Edmond Trinity Church, Church of the Open Arms, First Unitarian Church, Joy Mennonite Church, Mayflower Congregational Church, Center for Conscience in Action, Citizens Climate Lobby of Norman.

More information and sign-up on the national website www.earthday.org.

Flyer for download, printing, distribution.