Take action to stop war with Syria

No intervention in SyriaAttend OKC rally against military intervention in Syria
When: Saturday, August 31; 2 – 4 pm (come for as long as you can during this period)
Where: Northwest Expressway and Penn.
This event has been organized by a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens. The Peace House, Oklahoma Center for Conscience, Americans Against the Next War and other local groups are all joining in support, and urge our friends to attend, and spread the word.
Since the weather is forecast to be blisteringly hot, we urge you to bring hats, sunscreen, water and other essentials to stay safe and as comfortable as possible. You may bring signs you have made that are on topic.Take action

Sign petitions (sign as many as you want, but if you only do one, do the first one)

Contact officialsJust saying “I am calling from Oklahoma. No military action in Syria” will be enough.

Send email to President Obama: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/contact

Call White House: 202-456-1111 during normal business hours (Eastern Time).
Update: Our friends with Tulsa Peace Fellowship suggest the following message:
“I oppose military intervention in Syria or sending any military hardware to rebels in Syria. I support massive efforts for a political solution and continued humanitarian aid.”

“The U.S. should not attack Syria. We are not the world’s policemen. If the rest of the World has decided not to step in, I think that shows something isn’t right.”

Call your federal reps (with social media resources): http://fcnl.org/issues/middle_east/take_action_syria/
Spread the word
Letters to the Editor of Oklahoma newspapers: http://www.mondotimes.com/1/world/us/36
Twitter hashtag: #NoWarWithSyria