Sieze the moment with Iran!

Let us all tell the White House and Congress that NOW is the time to improve diplomatic relations between the US and Iran. Newly elected Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has pledged better relations with the west. He has appointed a pro-western, US-educated foreign minister, Javad Zarif. Additionally, Rouhani has expressed openness to negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programs, which are currently most likely all for peaceful electrical and medical needs according to the IAEA. Enhanced inspections could settle any doubts. (For contact info for the White House and/or Oklahoma Congress members, go to our Advocacy page.)

Considering Middle East tensions and violence right now, Iran could be a natural ally of the US and Israel toward stability in the region. Iran has the highest population of Jews in the Middle East outside of Israel.

It is counter-productive to US interests to marginalize Iran with extremist characterizations, military threats, and talk of more stringent sanctions. Iran needs oil revenues for food, medicine and other human needs, so there is an opening for dialogue beneficial to the interests of peace.

Improved relations with Iran could be a great legacy of our time. Let us all encourage and support the administration in pursuing improved relations with Iran in the best interests of the USA.