Rep. Lankford on “Hardball” with Chris Mathews to talk about abortion

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Rep. James Lankford was a guest on Hardball, Monday, Nov. 26th, defending the Republican Platform plank for a “Human Life Amendment to the Constitution” (extending full human rights to fertilized eggs at conception).

Lankford praised this principle as protecting “every human’s life”, and insisted that more than half of Americans are “pro-life” across all political lines.

He seemed unconcerned about the far greater majority (including many who say they are “pro-life” or anti-abortion) that supports the principle that reproductive decisions should be left to the woman involved … and the implications that a HLA (personhood amendment) would make criminals of the million women who choose abortion every year and all the doctors and medical personnel who perform them.

“Aside from how you feel about abortion, do you believe such reproductive decisions should be left to the woman involved, or decided by the government?”