Peace and Dignity Journey visits Oklahoma City

The Peace & Dignity Journeys 2012 came through Oklahoma and on Sunday, September 9 visited with supporters to tell about their project. This year’s theme is “Water”

Eleven runners and about two or three support people are traveling from Alaska to Guatemala to reunite the Eagle and the Condor, symbols of the original cultures of the Americas. The presentation consisted of moving stories about each of the staffs they carry, bringing to life the memories and dreams of the individuals and communities that gave them to the project.

The event was organized by Brenda Golden and hosted by the Church of the Open Arms. It includes a potluck meal that was preceded by prayer  led by Richard Ray Whitman, OKC artist and activist,  and a song sung and drummed by activist Dennis Watson of Yukon.

For more information about the Peace and Dignity Journeys, see their web site.