Show solidarity with OKC’s Islamic community, Sunday morning Aug. 19th

Update (Sunday 8/19, 8:50 pm):

With signs reading “Happy EID Celebration”,  “We Love Religious Diversity” and other messages of support, eight folks from different communities gathered at the American Islamic Association Mosque at 8:30 am, Sunday, to welcome Muslims arriving for the 9 a.m. Eid service signaling the end of Ramadan.  (This was the Mosque hit with paint balls).

Hundreds of colorfully dressed members of the Mosque including families and children passed the supportive vigilers who waved to each car and family that entered.  Many smiles and words of thanks gave assurance this project was worth doing.

Toward Interfaith Understanding and Respect, – – – Nathaniel Batchelder, Peace House in Oklahoma City

Support OKC’s Islamic community, which recently suffered a paint ball attack on their Mosque. Telephone a friend about this opportunity.

Sunday, August 19th is the Eid celebration ending the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

We are invited by Imam Imad Enchassi (Islamic Society of Oklahoma City) and Dr. Hammad Ahmed (Islamic Council of Oklahoma) to show support for our Islamic neighbors and an expression of sadness about anti-Muslim sentiments that may have inspired the paint ball attack on the Islamic Council of Oklahoma.

Let us stand with OKC Muslims as they celebrate Eid. Let us gather at 8:30 am before the 9:00 am celebrations at both of the Oklahoma City Mosques.

Bring a sign with you or just come to stand in silent support. We might stand for an hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 am. We have been invited inside to join and meet members of the Mosques.

Pick one location for your solidarity action:

  1. Islamic Society of Oklahoma City, 3815 N. St. Clair (block east of Portland north of NW 37th St).
  2. Islamic Council of Oklahoma, 3201 NW 48th Street

Nathaniel Batchelder and friends of religious diversity