Romney’s Tax Plan for the 1%

MoveOn Political Action produced a clever video to dramatize Mitt Romney’s tax plan.

Here’s what they say about it (and we agree):

Mitt Romney’s tax plan would actually cost up to $2,000 for middle class families while giving an $87,000 tax cut to rich people like him (detailed articles below)

Too many people think Republicans will cut taxes for them, when all Romney’s tax plan would do is give more tax breaks to the rich.

We’ve got to get the word out about Mitt sticking his hand into middle-class pockets (watch the 30-second ad below).

Share this ad with your friends and spread the word about Mitt’s creepy tax plan.

MoveOn’s sources cited above:

1. “New Analysis Shows Romney Tax Plan Would Raise Taxes On Middle Class Families By More Than $2,000,” ThinkProgress, August 1, 2012

“Study: Romney tax plan would result in cuts for rich, higher burden for others,” The Washington Post, August 1, 2012

2. “Romney’s “Recovery Plan” Could Bring On Another Recession,” The New Yorker, August 2, 2012