Demonstration for “No War on Iran” Friday, August 3rd

Join us this Friday, August 3 for “Tell Congress: No War on Iran” Demonstration on the corner of NW Expressway & Penn Ave (intersection SW of Penn Square Mall). The event, organized by the Americans Against the Next War coalition* that recently placed billboards in the Metro area, will begin at 4pm and last until 6, but participants are encouraged to come for any amount of time in that period.

We will have shade tents, water, banners with the billboard art and placards for each corner and our inventory of Honk For Peace, etc, signage. Folks are needed to hold the banners.

Some of the News Media on the Billboards:

TV News video: AntiWar Billboards in OKC KAUT-TV, Freedom-43

CNN-iReport (a photo of the billboard and news story text)

*The Peace House is a member of the AANW coalition.

Here is the press release for this event. Feel free to share it.

Demonstration in OKC will say “No war on Iran”

OKLAHOMA CITY – Americans Against the Next War, a local coalition responsible for three anti-war billboards now on display in the metro area, will hold a public demonstration on Friday, August 3, from 4 to 6 pm at the corner of Northwest Expressway and North Pennsylvania.

The event will feature banners bearing the photo and text on the billboards saying, “Tell Congress: No War on Iran.” Nathaniel Batchelder of the Peace House said, “Our message is that no military action against Iran is acceptable so long as diplomacy and negotiations are underway to resolve regional issues.” He said it is essential that international inspectors stay in Iran to confirm that Iran has no program to acquire nuclear weapons. “A military attack would result in the inspectors being withdrawn which is a dangerous prospect that could result in a war dragging the United States in,” he said.

Members of Americans Against the Next War are concerned that bellicose and inflammatory language about Iran are reminiscent of language about Iraq during the build-up to the Iraq War. “After the Iraq War began we learned that there was no Iraqi connection to the 9/11 attack on America, were no weapons of mass destruction, and were no mobile chemical weapons labs,” Batchelder said. He said the AANW group hopes to forestall another war that would wreck the ongoing but fragile economic recovery.

Rena Guay, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Center for Conscience, said, “Our purpose is to bring down the level of fear-mongering in the public discussion about Iran.” She said some public comments seem to reflect an attitude of drop bombs and ask questions later. “Almost everyone agrees that the Iraq War was a mistake, and it is astonishing that anyone would suggest military action is justified when there is no credible evidence that Iran has any program to develop nuclear weapons,” Guay said.