Sign and support “The Buffett Rule” for fair taxation

Join Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) in supporting “The (Warren) Buffett Rule” for fair taxation of all Americans, especially restoration of taxes on the highest-income brackets.

What if millions of Americans supported The Buffett Rule??

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s 2012 “tax cut” proposal would have lowered taxes on the wealthiest Oklahomans
and raised taxes on lower-income tax brackets. This is the POLITICS OF THE 1%
against the interests of THE 99%.

VOTER REGISTRATION takes place at any tag agency or any County Election Board.

Help others get registered
– If you moved, you must re-register
– If you haven’t voted in a long time, you may need to re-register.
– To vote, you will need to have a photo I.D.
– Spread the word: Voting Counts, and we need votes that count.