An Invitation to Oklahoma Churches and Religious Organizations

State Question 759 will be on all Oklahoma ballots in November.

State Question 759 would nullify Affirmative Action statutes in Oklahoma.

(SQ 759 is brought to voters by the same crowd that brought us similar statewide votes to “Ban Gay Marriage” and “Ban Muslim Sharia Law” in Oklahoma … strategies that resulted in big votes for “conservatives.”)

An educational RESOLUTION (attached) on SQ 759 has been prepared by COHRACentral Oklahoma Human Rights Alliance, of which the Peace House is a member.

The Resolution asks churches, houses of worship, organizations and businesses to take a stand opposing SQ 759, and urge members to Vote NO on SQ 759.

Yes, churches and 501(c)(3) organizations MAY take positions on legislative issues, spending up to but not more than 10% of their annual budget on such. Churches and 501(c)(3) organizations may NOT endorse candidates or any political party.

COHRA asks that signed Resolutions be returned to COHRA so that they may be tallied and reported in the media (return information is printed on the Resolution)

Resolution on SQ 759