News Conference Opposed S.Q.759

COHRA – Central Oklahoma Human Rights Alliance – did a news conference, Oct. 20, announcing and releasing a Resolution for groups, organizations, and houses of worship to consider, urging citizens to VOTE “NO” on State Question 759, that would reverse and repeal Affirmative Action and equal opportunity policies in Oklahoma.  The Resolutions should be considered, signed, and returned to COHRA (address on bottom of Resolution: COHRA, 3000 Paseo, OKC, OK 73103).

Speaking for the Resolution were Tamya Cox, Legislative Director for ACLU;  Nathaniel Batchelder, Co-Chair of COHRA;  State Representative Mike Shelton;  and Jana Harkins, Oklahoma County Democratic Party.  Standing behind the speakers were the board members of COHRA, representing many local civil rights and human rights groups.

The Resolution is educational, explaining the value of Affirmative Action policies in urging fair treatment of women and minorities by public entities in hiring, contracting and education opportunities.  COHRA will take action to publicize received Resolutions.

Download/Print the Resolution (PDF):   Cohra Resolution SQ 759