Rallies to mark 10 year anniversary of war in Afghanistan

Public Rally & News Conference
WHEN: Noon, Friday, October 7th
WHERE: 100 N. Broadway, downtown Oklahoma City
WHY: Call for an End to military action and Bring Our Troops Home

Rush-hour demonstration
WHEN: 4:30 – 6 PM, Friday, October 7th
WHERE: Gold Dome, corner of N. Classen and 23rd
WHY: Call for an End to military action and Bring Our Troops Home

A public rally and news conference in downtown Oklahoma City will mark ten years of the war in Afghanistan and call for an end to U.S. military actions in the Middle East, organizers say. The event will take place from noon to 1 pm, Friday, October 7th, at 100 N. Broadway, on the sidewalk plaza adjacent to the Chase Bldg. From 4:30 until 6, a streetside demonstration will echo that call; it will be at the Gold Dome corner, N. Classen and 23rd St.

“Demonstrations for peace will take place in dozens of U.S. cities and foreign countries, on October 6-8,” said Nathaniel Batchelder, director of the Peace House in Oklahoma City, one of the groups sponsoring the event.

“After investing more than 6,000 American lives and half a trillion dollars in the Middle East wars, their mission and purpose still remains unclear,” Batchelder said. He said a majority of Americans now favor ending the conflicts and bringing U.S. troops and resources home.

These event are sponsored by The Peace House and Oklahoma Center for Conscience.

Fr. Tim Luschen – Catholic Priest, St. Charles Boromeo Church
Derek Bartholomew – Combat Medic Iraq Veteran
Col. Katherine Scheirman, M.D. – Was Director Medical Operations USAF Hospitals Europe.
John Scripsick – Son Killed in Iraq
Warren Henthorn – Son Killed in Iraq

Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers, Mayflower Congregational Church
State Senator Andrew Rice
James Branum – Lead Attorney, Oklahoma Center for Conscience