OKC Actions for Troy Davis

Lydia Polley, co-chair of Oklahoma Citizens Against the Death Penalty, has sent out this call for action:

Today, 3:00 pm: make black arm bands proclaiming NOT IN MY NAME! at ACLU Office, 3000 Paseo. I’m bringing the material & pens.

Wednesday, 21st: 4:30 attend the Pinwheels for Peace at OCU, McDaniel University Center, wearing Not in my Name! arm bands & asking others to also wear them.
7:30 pm if a last-minute miracle stay isn’t given, Troy’s execution will proceed at 7pm eastern time…. Stand with our banner, Don’t Kill for Me and go into silent vigil … for 10 minutes since we won’t have access to exact time of death. This demonstration/vigil place will be sent out tomorrow. It will either be at the Jesus Wept Statue or OCU campus, facing 23rd Street.

We will post updated news on this right here when we get it.