Welcome to our new web site

We’re very excited to have a new site with a number of new features. We’ve got RSS, we’ve got a Facebook badge, we’ve got comments, we’ve got, well, we don’t even know what all we have yet — it’s that new. Please help us get up to speed by offering your feedback and suggestions about our new online presence. We want to hear from you — and now there are all sorts of ways that we can. We hope you will find something you inspire you to join or rejoin the peaceworkers and justice advocates in central Oklahoma.


We’ve updated most of the content from the old site, but are still importing some of the photos that you found there. Although we are doing all this in June of 2011, for the archive of articles by PH Director Nathaniel Batchelder, we gave them the date they were originally published, so that’s why you see an archive of entries going back to 2005 or older.

We will eventually go back and add in, from our memories and other resources, some of the most important news stories relating to the Peace House’s past activities and events. If you have any memories/records you think should be included, please do let us know. We want this site to reflect all the great energy and work of our many volunteers and supporters over the years — so be a part of it.

One way to be a part is to create an account on the site and join in the conversation. You can post feedback to the stories in the comments section beneath then, and if you want to write stories yourself, or share your photographs of PH events and people, we’d love that. Consider this your site, peacemakers of Central Oklahoma! (Because it is.)