Permaculture Design Course, Oklahoma City (Drought Solutions)

Essay, video, and details about DROUGHT SOLUTIONS and the benefits of PERMACULTURE:
This Permaculture Design Course is organized by Transition OKC and taught by internationally renowned permaculturist, Scott Pittman of the Permaculture Institute, Santa Fe, N.M.

Full details on registering for the course, payment, dates, times, location,
syllabus and other pertinent details can be found online here.

The course starts on Thursday, August 4th
Join this 4-weekend (12-day) class to learn ins and outs of permaculture design and sustainable living. The class meets over a period of several months, in Oklahoma City, OK

Deadline for enrolling in the course is Tues., Aug. 2. Shawna Struby writes, “Two of my Oklahoma City colleagues and friends have taken the Permaculture Design Course and are much more articulate than I am about describing permaculture’s promise for Oklahoma and the talents of Pittman as a teacher. Randy Marks, principal, Groundwork: Applied Designsays this:

“Scott Pittman is one of the most gifted teachers I have encountered. He has a long history of putting permaculture into practice and he knows how to convey what he has learned. Additionally, he is a great storyteller and has tales of his worldwide travels as a teacher and practitioner. He has a huge heart and is altogether a wonderful human being.”