Join a Noon Tuesday visit to Rep. James Lankford: Raise Debt Ceiling, Etc.,

Join me, Tuesday, July 26th, for a Noon visit to Rep. James Lankford’s office,
to deliver personal letters and appeals that Congress raise the debt ceiling
and NOT crash the U.S. government, damaging the world economy.

Of course, there will be other suggestions supporting revenue enhancement
and protecting programs serving America’s most vulnerable.

Address is 1015 N. Broadway, 3rd floor, Suite 310.
We should meet in the lobby by 11:45, ready to go upstairs. 

I will print off and hand-carry messages responding to this announcement.
Include your address for a response from Rep. Lankford.
Nasty notes will not be used.

At 5pm-6:30pm,
AFL-CIO, Change Oklahoma, Central Oklahoma, invite others to visit
Lankford’s office with similar messages including, “Where Are the Jobs?”
and protesting his support of the Ryan Bill.

Calls from national organizations spurred this spontaneous opportunity.
I called Lankford’s office for a Noon appointment, so they know at least one person is coming.