Moral voices needed from people of faith to protect ‘the least of these.’

An important message from Sojourners:

       JIM WALLIS & SOJOURNERS’ “Circle of Protection” Campaign

                    Will you forward this opportunity to others?

INVITATION:  1. Sign the petition.  2. Read on to give $25 toward Sojourners’ media campaign.

1. It’s not too late to join Jim Wallis and SOJOURNERS by signing on the “Circle of Protection” petition urging Washington DC to protect programs serving “the least among us.”  Click here:

2. A moral voice is needed as programs are under attack that serve vulnerable people.

This past week Jim Wallis and “Circle of Protection” leaders challenged President Obama to make sure our federal budget protects those whom Jesus called the “least of these.”

Washington needs to hear the voices of people of faith on these issues.

Powerful interests are pressuring Congress to put the burden of deficit reduction on the backs of the poor and working families.

The only way we can reach decision makers is inviting all people of faith to fight with us.

Early next week, SOJOURNERS will launch radio ads and Facebook ads challenging people in key congressional districts to defend the poor by contacting their representatives. And we can do it … with your help. Join us in our next step now.

Working together, we will be the voice of hope for the poor.

As people of faith, we are commissioned by more than 2,000 verses in scripture that challenge us to think beyond ourselves and consider “the least among us.”

This message has been heard and you’ve helped us:

  • Bring together 60 heads of denominations and 45 international aid directors in unity to defend the poor.
  • Send 80,000 emails to the president and Congress signing on to the Circle of Protection.
  • Run a full-page ad in Politico signed by nearly 5,000 pastors to make sure Congress knows the real-world effects of their budget cuts.
  • Meet with the president, pray with him, and ask him to stand up for single mothers, the elderly, and those suffering from famines and disasters around the world.

More members of Congress need to step back from their partisan games and listen to the spiritual and moral challenge to defend the poor. They must see the faces of those whose lives are affected by their decisions. And we will reach them — by educating and motivating their constituents.

With your gift of $25, we’ll reach hundreds more people with radio ads. Imagine how many more will be motivated with your gifts of $50 or $75. 

Give today!

The middle class has the Democratic Party defending their entitlement programs.

The upper class has the Republican Party defending their tax breaks.

The poor depend on people of faith — you and me. We won’t stop regardless of what deals are struck in Washington.

You have spoken loudly. Your work has brought us very close to success in defending the poor. For you, we are truly grateful.


Tim, Leah, Rob, and all your friends at Sojourners