Batch’s World Famous Multi-Bean Salad


The canned beans are 23% protein – close to beef – so I consider this salad an Entree to be placed with the meats on the line as an alternative to meat.

Proportions vary depending on how many to be served. I usually make a big one for potluck meals.

I traditionally bought all cans of beans

red kidney beans
white mountain beans
black beans – – – but you can also use
pinto beans – – – the point is lots of COLOR
and cans of
cut green beans
cut wax beans (yellow)
corn niblets in water.

NOW, however, I buy the three cans of beans, same as above, but buy bags of frozen vegetables from which I add frozen vegetables, to suit. It keeps the bowl cold until
the potluck meal starts. No need to cook ’em.

frozen bag of corn
frozen bag of green peas
frozen bag of cut green beans
frozen bag of edamame (green soy beans without the shell)
frozen bag of chopped broccoli

measure volumes according to volume of salad. For a big salad I use about a half cup each of the following, to make:
one.third sugar (actually I use a little less than one-third sugar)
one third vegetable oil
one third balsamic vinegar
to which I add, to taste:

course ground pepper
Italian seasoning (I like a lotta Italian seasoning.)
and sometimes
more oregano
garlic powder.

I make the dressing the night before so it can sit in its own juice overnight. You gotta stir it well
before you put it on the salad. I take it to the potluck in its own sealed container, and I DON’T put the
dressing over the salad until the last minute, stirring everything thoroughly so it all gets mixed and drenched.

I also sneak over and stir it from time to time to bring the dressing up.