Greening America

Oklahoma Peace Strategy Newspaper Aug/Sept 2006

All Americans simply must see Al Gore’s movie on global warming: An Inconvenient Truth. With charts, graphs, testimonies and news clips, Gore closes the controversy on whether global warming is a consequence of human activities: It is. The final 15 minutes are devoted to actions and solutions — all available technologies — which must be implemented to reverse global warming and bring sustainability to human life on our earth. Gore’s challenge is moral not political. What will we do with our planet? This film can bring to millions the enlightenment about this reality well-known to environmentalists and America’s well-read minority.

In Oklahoma City, An Inconvenient Truth will be shown free, at 7 pm, on Tuesday, October 10th, at Church of the Open Arms, 3131 N. Pennsylvania.

This film can galvanize Americans to see the urgent necessity of national collective action for change. Doing our part to save Nature and earth’s capacity to sustain human life can inspire in Americans a missing spirituality of mission which can flow into all areas of national endeavor. In becoming good world neighbors, US citizens can discover a higher purpose for life than consumerism and personal comfort. We can discover the energizing potential of mission in service to a higher purpose than our own appetites.

Everyone needs a sense of mission and vision, without which, as scripture says, a people perish. Flooded with commercial messages stressing selfish consumerism, our society wanders in a desert where all of our leadership, apparently, challenges us to satisfy our hungers through acquisition of more stuff. In lives motivated by passion and vision, values fall into place, and wandering turns into living with focus and direction. With the clear insights Gore presents, we can shake off our national selfishness and raise a call to national leadership impossible to ignore. Leadership will follow the people. That’s us.

Bringing human activity into sustainability with our planet will require implementation of green technologies in architecture, transportation, agriculture, housing for starters. All human activity and production must be redesigned with sustainability as a central driving theme. Doing this will be simpler and cheaper that going to the moon. All that is required is the political will.

It is always baffling to activists and advocates that so many people seem adrift without vision or mission, when there are so many things calling to us for action. Perhaps saving our planet for future generations can finally unify all humanity, particularly here in the U.S.

It’s up to each of us to make this a priority, in our families, schools, houses of worship, work places, political parties and daily life. We’ll be better people for it, living lives with meaning and zeal, and – incidentally – we may succeed in saving the planet and Nature. It’s the only one we have.