Letter to the FCC

Dear Friends, Using the email address below, you could write the FCC too.

TO: FCC Managers & Directors, fccinfo@fcc.gov

Dear Sirs and Madams:

The call from Rev. Pat Robertson for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez struck me as profoundly obscene …. both because Robertson’s words defiled Christianity itself ….. but also because his call for assassination will no doubt be replayed endlessly by the news media throughout the Muslim and Middle Eastern worlds, which already suspect that America’s “War On Terrorism” is in part a “Christian crusade” against Islam.

When a highly visible American “Christian leader” uses public airwaves to call for the assassination of a world leader, adding, “It would be so much cheaper than the war in Iraq,” it’s time for the FCC to draw the line.

Please consider amending FCC regulations to define as obscene all comments on United States TV and radio airwaves openly calling for death of people, or implying that someone’s death would be “valuable” to our country. This misuse of our airwaves threatens civil behavior in America, and — on the world scene — threatens America’s national security by inflaming people already resentful against America. This is more than obscene; it is dangerous.

Pat Robertson has also “prayed” on his national TV broadcast for “God” to grant America another appointment to the Supreme Court during the Bush administration. Is this a veiled threat to the lives of the other Supreme Court Justices? Would some Christian listening to Robertson believe they were carrying out “God’s will” if they were to assassinate a sitting Supreme Court Justice??

Many of the “right-wingers” on national radio shows (particularly on Clear Channel Communications) have said over the national airwaves that the deaths of “some people” would be a “good thing” for America. Whether they are railing against homosexuals, people with AIDS, liberal Congress members or anti-war activists, to me their comments are not “free speech” when they suggest that the “possible deaths” of other Americans would be in the national interest.
The FCC is a monitor and a regulator of obscenity over America’s radio and TV airwaves, and I state emphatically that using our public airwaves to call for the deaths, or joke about the deaths, or fantasize about the “value” of the deaths of people is OBSCENE.

Please regulate this “hate speech” in light of its threat to civil behavior in America and — particularly — to our national and domestic security.