Nathaniel Batchelder, Director

Nathaniel Batchelder, Peace House Director
Nathaniel Batchelder was born to English teacher parents who provided a stimulating household where reading and thoughtful pursuits were encouraged.

Batch spent his high school year as an AFS exchange student, living with a family in Germany, going to a German high school. After two years at Williams College, he enlisted in the US Army to be trained as a surgical technician. He served three years in Army hospitals, including 14 months in Vietnam (’68/’69). He says, “As a surgical technician, I never fired a weapon in Vietnam, and nobody ever shot at me, but we did surgery every day on wounded American, South Vietnamese, North Vietnamese, soldiers and civilians. That’s where I became a peace activist.”

After an honorable discharge from the Army, Batch joined his parents in Oklahoma City, where he attended Oklahoma City University, and attained a BA in Biology, in 1972.

Batch held jobs in Public Education and Publicity for the Omniplex Science Museum and Oklahoma City Zoo, before becoming, in 1985, a volunteer with the Sisters of Benedict at the Benedictine Peace House.

There, Batch found his calling, working full-time for justice and peace. In 1990, the Sisters of Benedict elected to devote full time to building their Benedictine Monastery and Retreat Center in Piedmont, OK, so Batch became the full-time Director at the Peace House, a position he still holds today.