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Peace House contingent in OKC 2013 MLK Holiday Parade

Peace House volunteer John Walters helped make the Peace House “float” in this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Parade, which wound through Oklahoma City spreading our messages through banners, signs and flyers. And, he provided these great pictures.

January-February 2013 issue of Oklahoma Peace Strategy News now online

In this issue:

  • Amy Goodman: “Now The Work Begins” P. 3
  • Obama: Smallest Government Spender! P. 4 Israel & Iran: “A Love Story” P. 5 Human Rights Alliance Award Recipients P. 7 OK Center for Conscience EVENT, Jan 13th P. 8
  • Fracking linked to Earthquakes, Water Issues P. 9
  • Citizens Climate Lobby Forms in OKC P. 14

Israel & Iran: A Love Story – Tears For Peace

Please watch and share this 15-minute video of a TED presentation by an Israeli graphic artist who began posting “Israel Loves Iran” photos of himself on Facebook. He reports a whole movement of people-to-people Facebook diplomacy by Israeli and Iranian people guaranteed to move the hardest hearts.

‘Say Your Peace’ with Peace House T-shirts, stickers, buttons and yard signs

Peace House MerchandiseBe a proud advocate and promoter of peace and justice by wearing or displaying some of the Peace House merchandise. We have T-shirts for your body, buttons for your clothing, stickers for your car, and “War is not the answer” signs for your yard (or anywhere you can think to share it).

Check out photos of the Tee’s and samples of the wide variety of buttons and stickers on our Peace & Justice Merchandise page.

You can get some of these goodies at events where the Peace House is tabling, or during store hours at Panoply Hippy Store in Oklahoma City, 2412 N. Shartel.

Demonstrators tell Rep. Lankford: Protect the 98%

Click for larger image.

Rep. Lankford on “Hardball” with Chris Mathews to talk about abortion

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rep. James Lankford was a guest on Hardball, Monday, Nov. 26th, defending the Republican Platform plank for a “Human Life Amendment to the Constitution” (extending full human rights to fertilized eggs at conception).

Lankford praised this principle as protecting “every human’s life”, and insisted that more than half of Americans are “pro-life” across all political lines.

He seemed unconcerned about the far greater majority (including many who say they are “pro-life” or anti-abortion) that supports the principle that reproductive decisions should be left to the woman involved … and the implications that a HLA (personhood amendment) would make criminals of the million women who choose abortion every year and all the doctors and medical personnel who perform them.

“Aside from how you feel about abortion, do you believe such reproductive decisions should be left to the woman involved, or decided by the government?”

President Obama asks YOUR help; have YOU acted?


In this week’s weekly address, President Obama restated his request from his news conference last Wednesday: “I ask Congress to pass quickly legislation protecting all income below $250,000 from any tax increase now or in 2013. … The Senate has passed this legislation, and House Democrats stand ready to do so IF enough Republicans will join in supporting it.”

Contact Oklahoma House members AGAIN urging them to “Protect the Middle Class” by passing this legislation. Let them hear from tens of thousands of Oklahomans.

(here are email, telephone, and fax contacts)

U.S. Representatives (OK)
Dist 1: John Sullivan (Tul)
DC Tel: (202) 225-2211
DC Fax: (202) 225-9187
Tulsa ofc: (918) 749-0014

Dist 2: Dan Boren (Musk)
DC Tel: (202) 225-2701
DC Fax: (202) 225-3038
Muskogee: (918) 687-2533

Dist 3: Frank Lucas (W. OKC)
DC Tel: (202) 225-5565
DC Fax: (202) 225-8698
OKC Ofc: (405) 373-1958

Dist 4: Tom Cole (Nrm & S.)
DC Tel: (202) 225-6165
DC Fax: (202) 225-3512
Norman Ofc: (405) 329-6500

Dist 5: James Lankford (OKC & surrounds)
DC Tel: (202) 225-2132
DC Fax: (202) 226-1463
OKC Ofc: (405 234-9900

America voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, and 60% of Americans support this legislation to “Protect the Middle Class with a guarantee of no new taxes”.

WILL YOU ACT … or stand by while the 1% blocks this legislation!?!?!?!

Please take action. America needs your input.

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