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Rachel Maddow will examine the build up to the Iraq war in new documentary

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, a documentary with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow will premiere on Monday, Feb. 18 at 8pm Central Time.

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The Wisdom of Peace

Speech at the Midwest City Martin Luther King Breakfast
Jan 21, 2013

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Nathaniel Batchelder

The title of today’s talks – The Wisdom of Peace – is crucial to our times. Dr. King’s words – his sermons and speeches – ring in our ears today as we commemorate his life and lift up again his prophetic messages for the ages.

He advocated nonviolence and love as a grounding for all efforts for social change. And indeed, our society and world badly need more love, compassion, understanding, civility, and nonviolence in speech as well as action.

We support your dream, Dr. King, of overcoming racism and all divisions among people simply on account of who they are.

We support your dream, Dr. King, to overcome poverty by creating a society and an economy in which every person has access to development.

We support your dream, Dr. King, to overcome militarism and war that destroy lives, drain resources, and render unaffordable the programs that serve people in our society.

And I suggest that Dr. King would expand his vision of peace today to include harmony with nature, with all other species, and with the natural systems that support life on earth.

Spiritual people whose prophetic voices ring across the ages were always those called to speak out about things that were just not right … as we have heard the words of Amos in the Old Testament: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Jesus, Gandhi, and Dr. King all challenged their societies for justice and compassion for the outcast, the vulnerable, and the oppressed, and love for all members of the human family. » Continue reading “The Wisdom of Peace”

Peace House contingent in OKC 2013 MLK Holiday Parade

Peace House volunteer John Walters helped make the Peace House “float” in this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Parade, which wound through Oklahoma City spreading our messages through banners, signs and flyers. And, he provided these great pictures.

January-February 2013 issue of Oklahoma Peace Strategy News now online

In this issue:

  • Amy Goodman: “Now The Work Begins” P. 3
  • Obama: Smallest Government Spender! P. 4 Israel & Iran: “A Love Story” P. 5 Human Rights Alliance Award Recipients P. 7 OK Center for Conscience EVENT, Jan 13th P. 8
  • Fracking linked to Earthquakes, Water Issues P. 9
  • Citizens Climate Lobby Forms in OKC P. 14

Israel & Iran: A Love Story – Tears For Peace

Please watch and share this 15-minute video of a TED presentation by an Israeli graphic artist who began posting “Israel Loves Iran” photos of himself on Facebook. He reports a whole movement of people-to-people Facebook diplomacy by Israeli and Iranian people guaranteed to move the hardest hearts.

‘Say Your Peace’ with Peace House T-shirts, stickers, buttons and yard signs

Peace House MerchandiseBe a proud advocate and promoter of peace and justice by wearing or displaying some of the Peace House merchandise. We have T-shirts for your body, buttons for your clothing, stickers for your car, and “War is not the answer” signs for your yard (or anywhere you can think to share it).

Check out photos of the Tee’s and samples of the wide variety of buttons and stickers on our Peace & Justice Merchandise page.

You can get some of these goodies at events where the Peace House is tabling, or during store hours at Panoply Hippy Store in Oklahoma City, 2412 N. Shartel.

Demonstrators tell Rep. Lankford: Protect the 98%

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