Opportunity to learn about Oklahoma State Question 759

To me, S.Q.759 (to repeal affirmative action in Oklahoma) is an insult to civil rights progress. This FORUM can inspire Oklahomans to vote NO to the extremist juggernaut and YES to politics for the betterment of the human condition. Do what you can to help spread the word. PUBLIC FORUM IN OKC ON STATE QUESTION … Read more…

Oklahoma State Question 759 will be examined at public forum

A public forum on State Question 759 will alert women and minorities about the consequences of passing a measure that will appear on all state ballots in the November elections. Organizers of the event say that, if passed, State Question 759’s impact will be negative for women and minorities. The forum is scheduled for 6 … Read more…

Show solidarity with OKC’s Islamic community, Sunday morning Aug. 19th

Update (Sunday 8/19, 8:50 pm): With signs reading “Happy EID Celebration”,  “We Love Religious Diversity” and other messages of support, eight folks from different communities gathered at the American Islamic Association Mosque at 8:30 am, Sunday, to welcome Muslims arriving for the 9 a.m. Eid service signaling the end of Ramadan.  (This was the Mosque … Read more…

2012 Fall Peace Festival will be held Sunday November 11, 11 – 5

The Peace House and the Peace Education Institute will host the 2012 Fall Peace Festival on Sunday, November 11 from 11 to 5 pm. Mark your calendars for the season’s most popular event for peace and justice information and networking, handmade crafts, natural and Oklahoma grown food, music, dancing and fun! See our Festival Info … Read more…

Romney’s Tax Plan for the 1%

MoveOn Political Action produced a clever video to dramatize Mitt Romney’s tax plan.

Here’s what they say about it (and we agree):

Mitt Romney’s tax plan would actually cost up to $2,000 for middle class families while giving an $87,000 tax cut to rich people like him (detailed articles below)

Too many people think Republicans will cut taxes for them, when all Romney’s tax plan would do is give more tax breaks to the rich.

We’ve got to get the word out about Mitt sticking his hand into middle-class pockets (watch the 30-second ad below).

Share this ad with your friends and spread the word about Mitt’s creepy tax plan.

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Demonstration for “No War on Iran” Friday, August 3rd

Join us this Friday, August 3 for “Tell Congress: No War on Iran” Demonstration on the corner of NW Expressway & Penn Ave (intersection SW of Penn Square Mall). The event, organized by the Americans Against the Next War coalition* that recently placed billboards in the Metro area, will begin at 4pm and last until 6, but participants are encouraged to come for any amount of time in that period.

We will have shade tents, water, banners with the billboard art and placards for each corner and our inventory of Honk For Peace, etc, signage. Folks are needed to hold the banners.

Some of the News Media on the Billboards:

TV News video: AntiWar Billboards in OKC KAUT-TV, Freedom-43

CNN-iReport (a photo of the billboard and news story text)

*The Peace House is a member of the AANW coalition.

Here is the press release for this event. Feel free to share it.

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