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A Tribute to Ms. Clara S. Luper

The first knowledge I had of Clara Luper was of her as a hero of my mother’s. My mother, in her own small way, was also a civil rights activist. I don’t think she would have called it that-but it was. When we lived in Louisiana, when I was a little girl, my mother insisted on paying everyone who did any work for us at the going rate for whites. […] Continue reading A Tribute to Ms. Clara S. Luper


The arrival of Columbus in this hemisphere 500 years ago was not the beginning of exploitation in the world. Indeed exploitation and destruction of other cultures has yet to be recognized as evil. For many, the images of historic conquests, rape and pillage, connote swash-buckling adventures of courageous figures. Vikings, explorers and adventurers arriving at “new and foreign shores” are roles Hollywood has given to Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston , […] Continue reading Plunder