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Hunger and Poverty

Poverty and hunger are pandemic in our world, although we in the USA seem shielded from knowing or seeing the vast suffering it causes. Half of humanity survives on $2-a-day or less, without reliable access to safe water. Twenty percent of humanity — some $1.3 billion people — survive on $1-a-day or less with little hope of safe water. Because of this poverty, and the absence of simple health care […] Continue reading Hunger and Poverty

US Must Boost Aid to Poor

by Nathaniel Batchelder The Sunday Oklahoman, 7/3/05

Representatives of the G-8 nations – developed countries in a position to radically alter world poverty – will meet in Scotland this week to discuss collaboration on global issues. They have a chance to implement simple and cost-effective policies that will save millions of lives, restore hope to the poorest people in the world and actually enhance global security.

Some 29,000 people, mostly […] Continue reading US Must Boost Aid to Poor

Pharaohs in America

A little sermonizing

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15 and died on April 4th. Between those dates we might all reflect upon our dreams for the world. Here are mine. With all the world’s failings and shortcomings, I still have a dream.

It’s partly about hunger and poverty: I have a dream that, one day, every sister and brother on earth will have reasonable access to the […] Continue reading Pharaohs in America

Seeds of Hope: Ending Hunger & Poverty IS Possible

“This IS a world in which assistance to the poorest woman and child on the planet is not only the right thing to do, but is integral to our survival as a species.”

In 1990, some 40,000 children died every day from preventable disease and malnutrition. Today, just 30,000 children die every day from preventable disease and malnutrition. That 25% reduction in world child death rates resulted from citizen activism […] Continue reading Seeds of Hope: Ending Hunger & Poverty IS Possible

Deadly Opulence

Peace Strategy Newspaper May/June, 1998

Of all human frailties and transgressions, none is a greater threat to peace or Nature today than the human attraction to opulence. The earth is abundant, and might provide sufficiency for everyone. But it cannot provide opulence on a scale enjoyed by the rich, and desired by most everyone else. Other journals have expressed the concern that if all nations consumed at the rate per […] Continue reading Deadly Opulence