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Nathanial Batchelder (click image to read news and views from Peace House OK's Director, Nathaniel Batchelder)

Peace Can’t Wait!

THIS FALL: is a crucial time for citizens to communicate with Congress, newspapers and magazines on all the issues of concern to us. We cannot lie dormant, waiting for this administration to leave office. We must demand action now:

END WAR: We must end the US occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home. General Petraeus will make his report, and Congress will decide whether to continue funding the […] Continue reading Peace Can’t Wait!

Three Wars Against Iraq

OPS Newspaper, April 2006

The US military adventure in Iraq is a tragedy beyond words to describe. But it is really the third war in 16 years against Iraq. The 1991 Gulf War and sanctions through the intervening years smashed Iraq’s military power and killed more than a million Iraqis. And these are just the latest in a long history of conflicts and wars in which economic interests, power, and […] Continue reading Three Wars Against Iraq

Iraq — and Everything Else

A peace activist’s manifesto Nathaniel Batchelder, 10/15/2005 Social Justice Forum — Norman, Oklahoma

The author has worked at a peace center in Oklahoma City 18 years. He is a Vietnam veteran and active member of Church of the Open Arms, UCC.

This is about Iraq — but it is more about the soul of America and the possibilities for humanity. As bad as the Iraq War is, I […] Continue reading Iraq — and Everything Else