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OK Gazette cover story promotes local food and restaurants

Just like we did in 2005! — in an article entitled “Buy Local to Build the Local Economy“.

McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme Donuts are national franchise corporations whose local outlets serve as MONEY PUMPS. Their purpose is to PUMP MONEY out of the local community, back to corporate headquarters for distribution to stockholders.

When you buy a McDonald’s burger, you send money […] Continue reading OK Gazette cover story promotes local food and restaurants

Hunger and Poverty

Poverty and hunger are pandemic in our world, although we in the USA seem shielded from knowing or seeing the vast suffering it causes. Half of humanity survives on $2-a-day or less, without reliable access to safe water. Twenty percent of humanity — some $1.3 billion people — survive on $1-a-day or less with little hope of safe water. Because of this poverty, and the absence of simple health care […] Continue reading Hunger and Poverty

As Plentiful as the Fish in the Sea?

OPS, May 2007

There are huge concerns about the depletion of the earth’s oceans and particularly the over-fishing of many species. For instance: Orange Roughy has been a very popular seafood choice. But it turns out they have a reproductive cycle of 20-plus years (some reports indicate 35 years). They mate and reproduce later in their lives than most humans and they have already been fished to “economic extinction.”

Other […] Continue reading As Plentiful as the Fish in the Sea?

Buy Local to Build the Local Economy

Whatever we spend money on multiplies. When you spend money at WALMART or STARBUCKS, they open new stores. When you shop at local outlets — and local coffee shops — your money multiplies local spending and businesses.

In his book Eat Here, Reclaiming Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket, Brian Halweil points out that local crops bring more dollars to the local economy than imported crops, stating: “A study by […] Continue reading Buy Local to Build the Local Economy