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Day of Reckoning: Tuesday, November 7th

by Nathaniel Batchelder

Americans voting this fall must elect Members of Congress who will support legislation in the common good and general interest of all, especially addressing economic and environmental sustainability. The challenges are urgent and daunting:

On the first Earth Day, in 1972, many of us learned that, with only 6% of the world’s population, the US consumes some 25% of all resources turned to human use, and produces […] Continue reading Day of Reckoning: Tuesday, November 7th

As Plentiful as the Fish in the Sea?

OPS, May 2007

There are huge concerns about the depletion of the earth’s oceans and particularly the over-fishing of many species. For instance: Orange Roughy has been a very popular seafood choice. But it turns out they have a reproductive cycle of 20-plus years (some reports indicate 35 years). They mate and reproduce later in their lives than most humans and they have already been fished to “economic extinction.”

Other […] Continue reading As Plentiful as the Fish in the Sea?

Saving the Seven Seas

When the Mediterranean Sea was on the way to becoming a polluted toilet bowl from unregulated dumping, all shoreline nations risked losing its beautiful waters supporting vacation tourism as well as industrial fishing. But, who would give up free dumping first? A compact agreement was proposed to halt and reverse the damage, ultimately signed by all Mediterranean nations. Regulation saved the sea.

Global oceans need similar protection. Efforts beginning in […] Continue reading Saving the Seven Seas

Greening America

Oklahoma Peace Strategy Newspaper Aug/Sept 2006

All Americans simply must see Al Gore’s movie on global warming: An Inconvenient Truth. With charts, graphs, testimonies and news clips, Gore closes the controversy on whether global warming is a consequence of human activities: It is. The final 15 minutes are devoted to actions and solutions — all available technologies — which must be implemented to reverse global warming and bring sustainability to […] Continue reading Greening America