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Recommendations on the six state questions (and judges)

This year the ballot will contain six state questions for voters to weigh in on.

Consulted groups included the OK Policy Institute, The Oklahoma Observer, State Parties, and individuals.

Quick Summary:

Vote “Yes” on #762 to remove the Governor from the Pardon & Parole Board process on nonviolent crimes. Vote “No” on the other five questions (but check on #764 below).

#758 – Lowers the cap on annual [...] Continue reading Recommendations on the six state questions (and judges)

On the Elections: What’s at Stake. What we can do.

This letter went out to our mailing list this week. Please read, act and share!

Dear Friends of Justice and Compassion in America,

Thinking about the November Elections, it is clear to me that We The People must stand in the gap to reverse the drift toward America becoming a nation and government of, for, and by the few who are doing well while the many struggle merely to get [...] Continue reading On the Elections: What’s at Stake. What we can do.

What’s a billion?

Next time you hear people use the word ‘billion’ casually, think about how our government spends money.

Put a billion into perspective:

- A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

- A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

- A billion hours ago our ancestors lived in the Stone Age.

- A billion days ago nothing walked on the earth on two feet.

- A billion dollars ago – – [...] Continue reading What’s a billion?

Computer balloting must be abolished

Computer Voting Guarantees Waiting Lines With computer voting, only as many voters can vote as their are machines. If 40 voters are waiting to use six machines, 34 must watch and wait their turn. Stories are legion of insufficient machines provided to low-income polling stations, and people waiting hours to vote.

Oklahoma voters never wait to vote because every voter has their own paper (card) ballot, to be filled in [...] Continue reading Computer balloting must be abolished

Day of Reckoning: Tuesday, November 7th

by Nathaniel Batchelder

Americans voting this fall must elect Members of Congress who will support legislation in the common good and general interest of all, especially addressing economic and environmental sustainability. The challenges are urgent and daunting:

On the first Earth Day, in 1972, many of us learned that, with only 6% of the world’s population, the US consumes some 25% of all resources turned to human use, and produces [...] Continue reading Day of Reckoning: Tuesday, November 7th