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What’s a billion?

Next time you hear people use the word ‘billion’ casually, think about how our government spends money.

Put a billion into perspective:

– A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

– A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

– A billion hours ago our ancestors lived in the Stone Age.

– A billion days ago nothing walked on the earth on two feet.

– A billion dollars ago – – […] Continue reading What’s a billion?

US Must Boost Aid to Poor

by Nathaniel Batchelder The Sunday Oklahoman, 7/3/05

Representatives of the G-8 nations – developed countries in a position to radically alter world poverty – will meet in Scotland this week to discuss collaboration on global issues. They have a chance to implement simple and cost-effective policies that will save millions of lives, restore hope to the poorest people in the world and actually enhance global security.

Some 29,000 people, mostly […] Continue reading US Must Boost Aid to Poor