Participants lined up for People's Climate March in Oklahoma City

Action needed to save Earth

Peace House Director Nathaniel Batchelder has an op-ed in the current issue of the Oklahoma Gazette entitled “Of climate marches and extinctions.” Global Climate Marches took place in Oklahoma City and around the world on the weekend before the Paris Climate Summit began Nov. 30. According to the Global Climate March website, 780,000 people participated … Read more…

Dr. Nyla Ali Khan

Guest Editorial: Military Interventions in Kashmir, India, and Pakistan hinder the growth of democracy

By Dr. Nyla Ali Khan, University of Oklahoma The road to Kabul from India and Pakistan runs through Kashmir, my homeland. A crucial step to winning the peace in Afghanistan is to ensure the empowerment and stability of Kashmir’s culture, economy, and democratic institutions. This is because Central and Southern Kashmir shares borders with India, … Read more…

moral agenda democrats

Peace House Promotes A Moral Agenda for America

Peace House Director Nathaniel Batchelder has developed a presentation entitled “A Moral Agenda for America” that seeks to find common ground between groups and build a consensus for human-focused and sustainable government policy at the local, state and national levels.

It is a non-partisan program suitable for any organization or group of people interested in public education and political advocacy on a host of issues, including the environment, health care, the economy, national security and more. It is particularly relevant as we enter the 2016 electoral season, as the opportunity exists to replace a large percentage of elected representatives, if we find they are not voting in ways that align with the “moral agenda” that we, the voters, have adopted.

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Mark Davies’ Prophetic Sermon on Climate Change

Friends, On June 28, Mark Davies gave a 19-minute sermon, entitled The Church and Climate Change,  summarizing the environmental challenges facing humanity as stewards and students of Creation. You will find the audio recording of the sermon at that link. I urge all to listen to this — perhaps forward it. I know Mark Davies. … Read more…


CUBA Caravanistas’ Supper Program in OKC, Friday, July 10

Join the Oklahoma City Solidarity community with Cuba and the Peace House to welcome the 26th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba! 6pm, Friday, July 10 Cocina de Mino Restaurant, SW 59th & Western Ave. No Admission Fee – Buy Your Own Supper The annual Caravan to Cuba this year will have special significance with the new … Read more…