Emily Jovais writes for 350.org about Standing Rock Sioux DAPL Resistance

The View from Standing Rock : Essay & photos from N.Dakota Emily’s essay includes: “What You Can Do to Support the Standing Rock Sioux Pipeline Resistance” 1. IF YOU CAN GO:  Go to Standing Rock to show your support and see what’s happening. Arrive prepared to take care of yourself and to act as an ally. Here’s a … Read more…

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Oklahoma can play vital role in abolishing the Death Penalty nationwide. Get involved!

This article first appeared in the June-July 2016 issue of The Oklahoma Peace Strategy News. Article compiled from information provided by the Think Twice Oklahoma campaign. The death penalty is on the ballot in at least three states in November: California, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Here, a state question asks to add the death penalty to … Read more…

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Peace House Promotes A Moral Agenda for America

Peace House Director Nathaniel Batchelder has developed a presentation entitled “A Moral Agenda for America” that seeks to find common ground between groups and build a consensus for human-focused and sustainable government policy at the local, state and national levels.

It is a non-partisan program suitable for any organization or group of people interested in public education and political advocacy on a host of issues, including the environment, health care, the economy, national security and more. It is particularly relevant as we enter the 2016 electoral season, as the opportunity exists to replace a large percentage of elected representatives, if we find they are not voting in ways that align with the “moral agenda” that we, the voters, have adopted.

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My Op-Ed in Support of Iran Negotiations Published by The Oklahoman

The following guest editorial by Peace House Director Nathaniel Batchelder was published in The Oklahoman on Saturday, April 11. Will Congress support negotiations for peace? BY NATHANIEL BATCHELDER A preliminary agreement on Iran’s nuclear program has built hope that a final agreement can be reached. For everyone praying that global conflicts can be resolved through … Read more…