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Peace House writes letters against Keystone XL Pipeline

Nathaniel Batchelder sent the following letter to 20 Oklahoma newspapers and five Texas newspapers, to mark a day of action against the Keystone XL pipeline to carry tar sands from Canada to the Gulf coast.


Dear Editor,

Opponents of the KXL pipeline are not so much against oil as they are for a living earth, where humanity protects rather than damages nature.

The scientific consensus […] Continue reading Peace House writes letters against Keystone XL Pipeline

Take action to stop war with Syria

Attend OKC rally against military intervention in Syria When: Saturday, August 31; 2 – 4 pm (come for as long as you can during this period) Where: Northwest Expressway and Penn. This event has been organized by a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens. The Peace House, Oklahoma Center for Conscience, Americans Against the Next War and other local groups are all joining in support, and urge our friends to […] Continue reading Take action to stop war with Syria

Sieze the moment with Iran!

Let us all tell the White House and Congress that NOW is the time to improve diplomatic relations between the US and Iran. Newly elected Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has pledged better relations with the west. He has appointed a pro-western, US-educated foreign minister, Javad Zarif. Additionally, Rouhani has expressed openness to negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programs, which are currently most likely all for peaceful electrical and medical needs according […] Continue reading Sieze the moment with Iran!

Oklahoma Needs Medicaid Expansion

Sent the following letter to eight newspapers in Oklahoma. Hope you will call the Governor about this.

Oklahoma needs the federally-funded expansion of Medicaid that Governor Mary Fallin is refusing. It would extend Medicaid to some 150,000 Sooners currently not insured. She says Oklahoma cannot afford it, but it is 100% federally funded the first three years, then Oklahoma begins to pick up a maximum of 10% of the cost. […] Continue reading Oklahoma Needs Medicaid Expansion

Peace House contingent in OKC 2013 MLK Holiday Parade

Peace House volunteer John Walters helped make the Peace House “float” in this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Parade, which wound through Oklahoma City spreading our messages through banners, signs and flyers. And, he provided these great pictures.

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John Walters and David Brinker.

John Walters, OKC Amnesty coordinator

John with the Peace House banner.

The big sign that graces our monthly streetside demonstrations.

Peace House Director Batch and David Brinker

The poster below the banner is from Americans Against the Next War.

Israel & Iran: A Love Story – Tears For Peace

Please watch and share this 15-minute video of a TED presentation by an Israeli graphic artist who began posting “Israel Loves Iran” photos of himself on Facebook. He reports a whole movement of people-to-people Facebook diplomacy by Israeli and Iranian people guaranteed to move the hardest hearts.

‘Say Your Peace’ with Peace House T-shirts, stickers, buttons and yard signs

Be a proud advocate and promoter of peace and justice by wearing or displaying some of the Peace House merchandise. We have T-shirts for your body, buttons for your clothing, stickers for your car, and “War is not the answer” signs for your yard (or anywhere you can think to share it).

Check out photos of the Tee’s and samples of the wide variety of buttons and stickers on our […] Continue reading ‘Say Your Peace’ with Peace House T-shirts, stickers, buttons and yard signs

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